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Things were amazing, but only for a time. Originally posted by foxilery. If you run out of points for the day, you can borrow against your points for tomorrow, but each point costs double. Daddy loves you, no matter what. The regression is permanent and its not like regressed little things have rights, or a say. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Potty Control Game for Horny Babies.

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Vivienne carefully set the deep red lipstick on the bathroom counter and turned to her husband. I cringed at his belittling tone, at his choice of words, and at the way he smirked when he saw me blushing with humiliation. I cried even harder at that, but there was tenderness in his eyes when I looked into them, and I nuzzled his hand when he brought it to my cheek to wipe away my tears.

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