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When you meet Men, you feel an intoxicating mixture of desire and dread. He might smile at you when he realises how easy you are, he might smirk as his ego feeds off your submission. Everything youve been through would be worth it if you could just make this guy and who ever else he permits, happy. If you ever tried to resist them, you learned it was futile soon enough. No one knows what its like to be you, and it would shame you if you ever thought they did.

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Myla. Age: 21.
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This has changed the fiber of your being.

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Yaretzi. Age: 29.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You fear putting him off you, you fear displeasing him, you fear losing him. Most probably you were bullied as a kid. You might be lucky enough to feel his heavy arm around you after he has seeded you. Is he going to start on me again?

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