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It's not the subtlest way of making the point, but truly great art has the bravery to bypass subtlety and go straight for your viscera. It's a new take on the "whore in the bedroom, goddess in the kitchen" rhetoric, shown skilfully through the medium of dance. It's becoming increasingly clear to those in the know that WorldStarHipHop. It's a strange piece for sure and, as always, people are asking what it means. This story is over 5 years old. We've been hiding away from our animalistic nature for too long, and like any forbidden fruit, the fascination with the other way grows. The butter represents the natural world, and the stilettos are the inhumanity we enforce upon it.

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Phoenix. Age: 29.
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Much like GG Allin or Michael Barrymore, she is a performer who revels in making her audience feel uncomfortable.

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Kaylin. Age: 24.
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Haters might have you believe that it's just a series of shaky subway punch-ups, year-old Floridian girls posing in front of their webcams and an endless succession of dreadful unsigned MCs. The uncompromising nature of it is designed to embarrass the male audience members into considering the way they objectify women, whereas the heavy falls are symbolic of the physical and psychological damage that trying to be attractive to men can do to women. She's just a downtrodden sister, trying to stand on her own two feet in a man's world, but the floor keeps falling from beneath her.

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