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As expected, Michonne is a target of this latter threat, but then, unexpectedly to many, so is Carl. Years later, some of them have become hardened criminals who happen to get their chance for revenge. However, it turns out a pair of backwoods boys have different plans in store for him. Male rape however often seems to come back as a form of punishment, and the depictions of it are usually shown off-screen in a strange version of sexism and decency. The indie horror Torched also utilizes this device, among many brutal others. Notify me of new comments via email.

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I saw the movie myself at a young age, after my mother explained to me what I would see if I watched it, and was strangely captivated.

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Top 10 Male Rape Scenes in Movies

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was a disturbing bit of dialogue, made even more repulsive by the heavyset, dirty lunkhead holding Carl by the neck, but I felt it did help strengthen the idea that the apocalyptic world TWD exists in is one of extreme brutality and disturbing inhibition. This intro though is not meant to debate the presence of rape in genre films, but instead to act as a lead-in to discuss an even smaller facet of the plot point: male rape.

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