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Not a huge fan of the hyper-sexual dance form, but the Super Bowl is all about hyper-machismo. First of all, there has been obvious sexy dancing since forever, and back in the really old days ladies didn't even wear bras , let alone nude nylon. Which makes her seem very real and incredibly sexy. Yes, not as good as Prince, but who is? Fun, and I shall always stan Shakira. Shakira's practical dancing shoes! Older white dude here, and I loved it.

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Vera. Age: 26.
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There were cool parts the pit thing was one of the coolest halftime show sets!

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Kailey. Age: 23.
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Never cared much for J-Lo's music, but she was fantastic in Out of Sight. They're white dudes, so, their reaction is not surprising if a bit disappointing. Lo's performance and choreography was next-level. There is nothing wrong with loving how it feels to shake your booty let alone nail an intricate and physically taxing dance routine and loving how you look doing it in a nude bodysuit.

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