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pornstars in high school
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The top nine employers are schools, hospitals, the government, and Amazon, which has two giant fulfillment centers in the city. Sign in My Account Subscribe. The uplifting tone belies much of the reported information about Caitlin. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Sure, there are women in porn who do those things. Working this out within the closed world of a high school was painful, and almost always contributed to suffering, but it was something that could be transcended—eventually everyone moves on and the past settles into place.

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Everyone is welcomed into this vast emporium of sex, and although the party line is that consumers bring their own desires to it and simply find the porn that suits them, the influence runs in the other direction.

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Skylar. Age: 21.
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A High-School Porn Star’s Cry for Help

Do you know what percent of the vast, global porn industry these self-actualized porn workers represent? These things still existed, of course, but they were mediated by porn, as all sex was mediated by it—a performance of it, or a rejection of it, or an attempt to erase certain images from it. Because Bailey had a class with Caitlin, she seemed the obvious choice to write it. The problem is that there are some very old human impulses that must now contend with porn.

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