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There may be some who like that, but for most that will be painful in an unpleasant way. Once you know that nipples are part of the erotic landscape to be discovered, here are some tips on nipple stimulation to pique your interest. Once you've got the nipple in between your fingers, apply pressure and hold. They are the focus of worry around health e. And that's where so many of us miss out. If your partner likes the circular motion you can change it up by going from wide circles with a slow movement to much tighter circles with a faster stimulation.

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It's important first to know that this is something the nipple owner is going to like.

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A Beginner's Guide to Nipple Stimulation

Use a circular motion or if you are using your hand and fingers, splay your hand out gently across the breast and then bring your fingers together so that by the time your fingertips come together they are at the nipple. For these reasons, it's worthwhile to find out a bit about the nipples you are touching before you touch them. While some people like very aggressive nipple stimulation see below it's always a good idea to start off slow and gentle. For some people that will be their fingers, for others, it might be their lips or tongue, and for someone else, it might be another body part.

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