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Once the party reaches the Western Continent, they must head to Argonia to retrieve the sun Mirror in order to open the Veil of Darkness cast by Dhoulmagus to enter the Dark Ruins. She is the first to drink from the spring and within seconds she is transformed back to her human form. Wanting to help him, she heads back to Trodain and tells her father, who follows her back to where she had found the boy. No known history is known about her mother prior to the game, but the Nintendo 3DS version reveals that her mother had died many years before the events of the game and that Medea became depressed by her death. After seeing the boy, he orders two of his men to take the boy back to the castle. At an unknown point in time after this encounter, having developed feelings for the boy, asked her father to allow him to join the ranks of the palace guardsmen so that they could spend more time together. In order to gain the king's trust, the party must take Charmles to the Royal Hunting Grounds so that he may defeat an Argon Lizard and claim the Argon Heart they drop.

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Princess Medea in human form after going to the Mystical Spring and drinking from it.

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Princess Medea

This is evidenced through her rescuing the Hero when he was unconscious, accompanying her father to confront Dhoulmagus , and raising the Hero's spirits through telepathy. Following the mouse, she comes across an unconscious boy , who she discovers to have a terrible fever. Shortly after her mother's death, while walking in the forest near Trodain, she hears some noise nearby and sees a tiny mouse emerge from a nearby bush. After this, Medea appears to the hero in his dreams, most likely because of the effect of the Mystical Spring Water.

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