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Vanessa Del Rio Sharon Mitchell. She is lured into modeling for a hunky blonde photographer, but it's the photographer's backer who really has his eye on her. When the courier disappears, Gillis and his plans are imperiled, and he must turn to his criminal half-brother Bobby Astyr for help. This pathologically depressive and authentically Manhattan grimy opus opens at Lisa's funeral. Director Kemal Horulu had talent. She gets into total dominatrix leather and degrades the fellow every which way.

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Tabitha. Age: 21.
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Vanessa Del Rio and the legendary Samantha Fox.

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Kathryn. Age: 24.
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In the late s Joe Sarno started ghost writing and directing a series of star-vehicle porn films like this one. Much of this awakening is induced by Heather's lecherous Aunt Phyllis played by Lisa Bee, an extremely voluptuous new-comer , who tells Heather about some, if not all, of the mysteries of lust. Go with Justine Jones on the first half of an erotic odyssey that takes her through the sex- splattered Rooms of hell. After watching them for longer then seems appropriate he produces a gun and murders them both, then shoots himself.

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