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Two episodes eight seasons apart focus on the Miss Boston Barmaid contest Diane wins in Season 1 and Carla finishes second in Season 9. Eventually, she gets him to sign a document dropping the lawsuit and checks her messages. He then returns to Cheers, has 11 sips of his beer, and dares to insult her but, darn him, he can't come up with a word that rhymes with "rich. At that moment, Frasier earns some Hidden Depths. Either "World Domination", or Something About Bananas : Eddie Lebec's French mother doesn't approve of him marrying Carla, and expresses her displeasure in her native tongue. During the first five seasons, the Sam-Diane romance was the central theme. Reminder Failure : The episode where Cliff went into the hospital had the gang miss a chance to visit him.

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Damned Good Show by Derek Robinson

Airplane of Love : In "Showdown, Part I," when Sam thinks he's lost his chance with Diane due to his brother, he hears a plane fly overhead and turns to look upward Sam: on phone with Diane Oh, hi, Diane. After an acrimonious breakup at the end of Season 2, Sam had a relapse of his alcoholism while Diane voluntarily committed herself and fell in love with her psychiatrist, Dr.

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