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Roger goes to leave but ends up in the closet by mistake, resulting in where when Eddie comes to look, Roger handcuffs him while imitating Dick Tracy. Also in , he resurfaced at both Disneyland and Disneyland Paris during their respective portions of the Disney Dreamers Everywhere event. As Eddie finally saws the handcuffs off, he asks Dolores if Roger can stay in the hidden room for a few days. Doom has them tied up with escape-proof Toon rope before having the Toon Patrol activate the Dip Machine in preparation to destroy Toontown. Due to the resulting explosion, Mickey uses Yen Sid 's magic to fix the place up and then shows off some more magic to his audience, only to disappear and have Yen Sid cast a spell on him. He fears someone made her do it to try and break his heart. He is also cowardly and greatly fears Judge Doom , the Dip , and the Toon Patrol as well as many other hazards.

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Eddie demands to know how he got in and Roger explains he got in through the mail slot, not knowing where else to hide with him a wanted criminal now.

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However, when he went home to wait for her, the Toon Patrol was staking out his house, so he ran, figuring he could turn to Eddie for help because of all the Toon cases he solved before. She soon flees with him in there as Eddie pursues her into Toontown, but at some point, while they are looking for each other, Roger recovers, escapes from the trunk, and takes Eddie's car on a joyride through Toontown's streets. Eddie reluctantly hides him in his sink by pretending to be doing his laundry, and after shoving a bar of soap in Smarty's mouth, manages to convince them that Roger isn't there, though not without being warned that if he steps out of line again, they will deal with him as well. Roger is stunned that his earlier entertaining of the patrons has failed and swallows in fear, but when Angelo instead turns to an empty bar stool and tells his imaginary friend, Harvey, to say hello, Roger is relieved that his entertaining still worked and the patrons won't rat him out.

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