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my ex pics
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If you're not interested in a reconciliation, their continued presence on your timeline can feel really frustrating. They are having trouble letting the relationship go. If you want the behavior to stop, Barrett says the kindest thing is to speak up and let them know it's really over. So, if your ex is liking all your posts, Barrett says it might mean one or more of the following things. While sometimes the likes are just a byproduct of them following you online, Barrett says it can also be a bit more intentional.

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Kyra. Age: 22.
my ex pics

The problem, as Barrett explains, is that it's very passive aggressive.

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Yamileth. Age: 24.
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If Your Ex Is Still Liking All Of Your Pictures, Here’s What Experts Say That Really Means

They are not entitled to stay in your life either IRL or online. The important takeaway here is that if it makes you uncomfortable, you have every right to say so and, if they don't hear you, to block them. I have an ex who always likes my photos on social media.

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