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I'm curious about future urethral sphincter damage incontinence as well as urine flowing into semenal vesicles, prostate, etc. So I've procured some needles. The glaze used is food safe, so I'm assuming it's vagina safe too? Or is there an issue I'm not thinking of, and I should get new ones between play sessions? A Material-wise, it should be safe.

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Lilah. Age: 23.
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Q headless-horsepossum asked: can human blood be used as lube?

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Harper. Age: 29.
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Is there any damage that I can cause by forcefully urinating with an erection? What if I stick a pencil up my vagina the eraser side, not as far as the point? If you MUST reuse the needles, soak them in household bleach, preferably using a syringe to draw the bleach through them leave it inside them for at least 30 seconds , and then rinse them with water. How long is it safe to have something glass in my vagina?

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