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I have been wearing them for close to a decade now and have a decent collection, it all started when an ex girlfriend bought me a pair to wear in the bedroom almost as a joke but it blossomed into something real and now I just love the feel and look of them. Well, nobody really knew at that time but I wear thongs or panties pretty much every day. I was pretty humiliated but noticed I was getting hard simultaneously - since the cat was out of the bag I stepped out of my shorts and joined them all in the pool with a hard on knowing I was surrounded by 3 hot women! I have a bunch of embarrassing and fun stories to share but I will start with this pantsing one. Afterwards I had to just try and explain that I wore thongs sometimes and after a good conversation with a lot of laughter the whole thing blew over for the most part.

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Karla. Age: 23.
pansted thong

We had spent most of the day running around and we were all pretty tired so decided to take a break, now the weather was pretty sunny so my girlfriends mum suggested we jump into the pool for a bit to cool down.

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Arely. Age: 28.
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To my delight they two were thongers but had a bra on that day. Her older sister commented wow didn't know you were sleeping with a guy who wore thongs what other stuff do we not know about?! I remember seeing the look of shock on their faces and then them both bursting out laughing as I reached for my shorts to pull them up.

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